tisdag 22 maj 2012

Beading Atma Weapon

Beading is a new hobby of mine, I've been doing it quite actively since March this year.

I originally just wanted to make Atma Weapon from Final Fantasy VI but I got so addicted to beading I just couldn't stop. It's sort of a meditation, it really calms you down. Now, Atma Weapon was an enormous thing to bead, so when I finally finished it---everything else I made was piece of cake.

It took me about twenty hours to make, including the ironing and I documented the whole thing:

The original sprite of Atma Weapon from Final Fantasy VI by Squaresoft, released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo. Been my favorite 2D Final Fantasy-boss ever since.

It really took me by surprise when I realized the size of this thing, I was so certain a 10-dollar IKEA-table would fit more than enough. I was wrong~

Felt good to use another set of colors, you could already feel how it was growing.

This was from when I got back from my second visit at Panduro having purchased more pegboards and some brown, gold and bronce beads.

Now it was really taking shape.

Using my darkbrown beads.

A leg for a leg and an arm for an arm, finishing the face as well, phew~! This was the longest session. I actually watched three Harry Potter-movies the same time I was beading. It was a real pain separating the different brown beads. I had a major headache and a pain in my back that day...

Finished the body in broad daylight a saturday and the tail in the late afternoon.

After a few days pause I finally did the last of his back and the upper tail.

All finished and ready for some ironing!

Heavy David-bibles in the form of Absolute Sandman helped avoid the heated beads from bending upwards.

"-I am complete!"

My gray 'frame' is rougly below a thousand beads. Crazy.

Turned it over, the size of this thing~

Waste of time? I think not! ;D

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