fredag 31 augusti 2012

Final Fantasy VI - Personal review

Ohhh---Could it have been New Years Eve -97? Yes,definitively. Because I played Parasite Eve on Christmas Eve the year after.

Okay, so it's New Years Eve 1997. I'm twelve years old and I have my three year older cousin teaching me what an emulator is, using the infamous ZSNES. Downloading console-games for free was just too amazing, I had to leave the room and read some Nintendo-magasinet and write down all the games I was going to download the next day. But something even more important than 'free games' happened that day, I learned what an RPG was. Namely:

It's been so long now but I still remember him teaching me what a Potion was and how much HP it healed a character, Antidote cured Poison stat which we stumbled upon early in the first mountain. Health Points, giving and taking damage in combat, it was all math, but very fun math.

A very important part of this particular emulator was the fast forward-key '~'. With this I could powerlevel my characters in minutes near a pond that refreshed (maxed out HP/MP/status ailments) my characters. At first my characters died because I hadn't learned to take note of their remaining HP so I had to start over a lot, which brings me to another very important feature of the emulator, namely the Save State. I could now save anywhere at any time with the simple push of a button and of course to load a state was just as easy. If I died on a boss, load a previous save. So convenient!

During the next days I actually got a nasty cold. I have a special memory of when I was just about to meet Sabin, my mom called from work to see how I was doing and I begged her to go to Väla (which is sort of a giant mall) and buy Final Fantasy VII for me. Being the kind and beloved mother she did~<3 And it was actually that game that really made me fall in love with this series and man do I have stories to tell about that game. I even have the receipt! Will scan in another review.

Well, I played the game up until the very last dungeon; Kefka's Tower. Somehow I stopped there and never continued. But now it's the year 2012 and I have the game in it's original package for the Super Nintendo.

I've listened to the soundtrack ever since. Hell, I've listened to all Final Fantasy-music. All versions, all releases, remixes, orchestral~ And like all Final Fantasy-games this has a few favorites. Terra's Theme, The Phantom Forest, Searching For Friends and Dancing Mad. I actually had The Phantom Forest as my ringtone on my previous phone and one winter day a person on the street hugged me and told me she was glad people still played the old Final Fantasy-games, sadly I was a bit shocked and couldn't form a single word but she went away as quick as she'd come. Pity.

If you've read my blogg before, you've most certainly seen the giant Atma Weapon made out of beads. Well, I beat him and is now staring at him yet again. This time he's red and purple. I like it. Perhaps I'll make another Atma one day. Killed him easy with Sabin using X-Fight combined with a Genji Glove. 9999 damage times eight makes for an effective overkill, haha~

It might be interesting to know which characters I used as my main group; Terra, Shadow, Sabin and Mog. Terra is my absolute favorite female Final Fantasy-character, green hair with pale skin is divinely beautiful. Shadow looks nice and is perhaps the second most interesting character, even though his story is 'hidden'. Sabin is more my strength-guy, he kills things for me with his Blitz real easy, haha~ Mog is a moogle! Don't really need any more reason than that, other than somehow his Pearl Lance got stuck in my head the first time I played this game and I---I don't know. I needed him in my group. Kupo? I must also mention Celes which I really like. Interesting story and she is a nice sprite! ...That sounds so wrong.

It is now 10:45, 31st of August and I've beaten the game. What an amazing ending! It really showed off what the SNES could do. Graphics really meant something back in the day, when people wanted to put their stories into games. Creating art. Masterpieces. Wow. My eyes were teary.

I love Final Fantasy. But I've had a secret I've carried around all my life; I've only finished three games! Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics. Now don't get me wrong, I've played nearly all Final Fantasy-games so many times but I always stop when I reach the last area or the last boss. I don't want the game to end so I simply stop playing. I don't really know why, perhaps I get so emotionally attached to the game that I don't want it to end? It sure feels like that...

I have leveled up and learned a new skill in real life.

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