söndag 21 oktober 2012


Oh man, this week has had it's ups and downs!

The downside is sickness. Yup, got some sorta virus, probably from my nieces during their birthday-party. They're always all over me, but I don't blame them. They love me and I love them. I have seven nieces and nephews btw! Both my brother and sister has twins, it's in our genes I suppose.

But anyway; My body is aching and both my ears and throat is in pain. It sucks. So what have I been up to this whole weekend? Well, let if you read the title you might have guessed it. I've played me some Metroid.

I had an old save on my 3DS for Fusion, well, I started the game when I got the ambassador-games and got half through the game. So Monday-Tuesday I finished Metroid Fusion, which is my absolute favorite game for the GBA. I played this on the Game Boy Advance when it released in Europe, I remember playing through the entire game in one setting. Now that is a rare thing I do, so let me be short with just saying I loved this game and I still do. Some people didn't like it at all and I've read discussions that people didn't like the idea of just being on a space station. I can totally understand that, Super Metroid was a vast an open world and Fusion is a much shorter and smaller game. I've given it some thought and perhaps it's because I love the first Alien-movie, which is on a space station, that I love this game so much. SA-X is awesome and is my current bead-project. Hell, I'll post a picture of it unfinished here. I ran out of dark grey and had to order some online, so it won't be done until next week I guess. Then it's on to making a lovely Omega Metroid.

Then Tuesday-evening and the whole Wednesday it was just me and Samus spending time in my couch. Yea, I wish... Super Metroid! It was my fourth time finishing it and I still got lost in the beginning of the game! Or well, lost isn't right. I always forget you can sprint in that game. So I end up running back and fourth until I looked up how to proceed on youtube and I always feel so stupid afterwards! Such an awesome game. A true masterpiece. I love the end-scene with the giant Metroid and killing Mother Brain. Storytelling without words and still so much emotion~<3

Late Wednesday evening I decided to just 'try out' Other M. I've had it in my shelf for about two years now, not wanting to play because everyone kept saying it sucks. That Team Ninja had destroyed the game and that kind of talk scares me, because I don't want my childhood Nintendo-favorite to go the way many of my other favorite-series has gone. But how I regret listening to other people's opinions. I love it. I love Other M. The control and gameplay is awesome, even though the music is lacking and I can actually get into the story and the small-talk Samus is having with herself. I haven't had many good experiences with games on the Wii due to the Wiimote mainly but it's perfect for this game. Feels good going from using the Super Nintendo-D pad to the Wiimotes D-pad. I watched a trailer once on a E3-stream or something so I barely knew anything about this game. Now, imagine going from Super Metroid's ending and just a couple of hours later starting up this game and being able to see that last fight and the death of Samus's baby Metroid in a kickass-sweet CGI-movie. My feelings were overflowing and I had to looks away from the screen for a few seconds or I would burst into tears.

Now I'm about a third through Other M, I'm taking it a bit easy since I actually got worse later this weekend, my body is really---Urgh~ So I decided to also play the original Metroid on my 3DS.

I remember playing this from time to time on my brothers NES as a kid. I never finished it because I never got anywhere. So this is a first for me. I got the Varia Suit, which some people don't seem to know you can get before getting the ScrewAttack. Wasn't that hard, I would've never guessed how to do it if it wasn't for youtube though~<3 I used the uhm, 'lay bombs then jump from the second bomb, standing up as near the edge as you can get'-technique. Well, finished the game. Would have probably killed someone if I didn't use a map when I got lost/stuck.

So now when finally finished another game from my childhood it was time for a game I had never played before; Metroid 2. I actually used a map for the entirety this game. It might be cheating for some, but please, I'm sick and I just wanted to finish this game. Leave me alone. But guess what? I was actually able to enjoy it! It's a great game for an early Game Boy-title. I did not think I would enjoy it at all. The mission in this game is to kill different evolved Metroids, you actually get a counter of how many you have left in the bottom left screen. I'm an open guy to older games but this just seemed so primitive the first time I tried it out. Bought it on the 3DS when it released in the store and just played around with the controls, but this is a game I'll recommend for anyone open for retro gaming. A remake of this would kill. Now that I'm writing this I actually remember reading about a project actually remaking this game for the PC. I'm definitely returning to this game one day.

Oh, and my next bead-project will be Samus meeting the baby Metroid. That was a sweet moment.

Now my Metroid-weekend is ending. I'm very certain I'll finish Other M next week. Then I'll go nuts with the Prime-trilogy, I've only finished Corruption once when it was released on the Wii so I'm really looking forward to that game. My mind however is on Dark Samus final battle in the end of Echoes, so epic.


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