torsdag 5 oktober 2017

Goodbye Miiverse

Miiverse is shutting down on November 5th so I decided to save my five favorite posts =)

lördag 16 september 2017

Parasite Eve

I came in contact with Parasite Eve when I got the game as a gift for Playstation on Christmas Eve back 1998, and I loved it. Years later I watched the shitty movie, which to my dissapointment wasn't at all like the game because-Tada! It was based on a book.

So let's begin with the author, Hideaki Sena, even me that has a crush on everything japanese have no idea who he is other than the creator of Parasite Eve. In fact I didn't even know the game was based on the book either and to my amazement they had actually translated it. When I learned that the horror-movie The Ring (Ringu) was based on a book which even had a couple of sequels I immediately ordered all of them and somehow the title 'Parasite Eve' showed up on my screen. Of course I had to buy that as well, then it waited for me a few years until recently, actually near the end of 2016 when I finished reading American Psycho. Now I'm a slow reader, I also read at least two books at a time but mostly three at once. I also read american comics and manga, Taking my time to embrace stories is my thing. Compared to the game, the book is filled with scientific terms, experimentation and---well, scientists. There is also a certain word that is repeated over and over, the beautiful and totally amazing word; Mitochondria. The thing you and I have millions of in our bodies, the powerhouse in our cells. Now give that 'parasite' as they refer it too immense intelligence, a conscious long before the very first single-celled organisms and there we have it, the name of the book, Parasite Eve. For thousands of years she has formed life, evolution is her game and really put an emphasis on 'her'. She wants to create the ultimate being and has chosen homo sapiens to pass on her genes. In all of this we're introduced to Eve's chosen host body, Kiyomi, and her husband Toashiaki, a scientist who mainly works on cells. Very early in the book Kiyomi is in a car accident caused by Eve controlling her body to crash and is considered braindead. She is a donor and her kidney gets transfered to the other protagonist in the story, fourteen year old Mariko. However a small part of the kidney is kept by Toshiaki in a lab and he grows the cells to quite large amounts over time. Throughout the story, the involved characters experience massive heat in their bodies, immediatley we who have played the game think of spontaneous combustion but in the book no one combusts until near the end of the story.

So for us who have played the game, the book differs on quite a lot of points. The setting mostly takes place in the lab with Toshiaki believing his wife is alive in her cells and Mariko's problematic relationship with her father in the hospital. However there are some pretty disgusting and truly horrific segments later in the book. The grown cells in the lab all combine into one and forcibly enters Toshiaki's female assistant, Asakura, orally, the overall fear she experiences is so well written and will impress any fan of horror. Before I tell you the most gruesome part I just want to say that one of the books from last years I read, American Psycho, contained a couple of detailed rape-scenes with extreme gore. Parasite Eve topps them all.

Eve 1, as she later calls herself, has lived in Asakura for quite a while now, enhancing her genes and forming her body, she experiences love and love-making with Toshiaki. This non-human being truly loves him in her own way, which makes this next part very horrible. Eve 1 leaves Asakura's body in front of a huge crowd during an assembly of Japans leading scientists, before this all happens she takes total control of Asakura and informs everyone present how today is the day mankind will change. She is so proud of her coming accomplishment and full of confidence of her victory, A lot of people spontaneous combusts while this flesh-less gooey thing makes it's way to Toshiaki's lab using the sewer. Toshiaki is of course the only one who knows whats going on and runs to his lab in which the formless blob is begining to take shape, Eve 1 is evolving extremely fast and slowly creates perfect flesh in the likeness of Kiyomi. The shock os seeing his dead wife taking shape shocks Toshiaki to the point where he can barely move. As he is escaping she has a smile full of authentic love and she keeps repeating how she loves him, he tries to take shelter in a nearby broom-closet but there is no escaping her love. Eve 1 turns to goo and finds her way inside taking shape once more. The writing here is so disgusting as Eve 1 covers her gooey self on all sides of Toshiaki who clearly gets to witness how Kiyomi/Eve 1's insides are formed all around him and you, the reader, is forced to some very detailed writing about the focus of the uterus forming and pulsating on his penis forcing an orgasm and she is pretty much pumping sperm into herself to the point where Toshiaki passes out from the pain. To be raped by a monstrous image of the one you love must be truly horrible.

So what about Mariko? Her transplanted kidney has some type of telepathic connection to Eve 1 and she keeps dreaming of her donor visiting her in the hospital. Well, that nightmare becomes true and even worse as Eve 1 flows through the sewer-system to the hospital carrying Toshiaki's sperm preparing to impregnate her. Once again we are forced to read through a very detailed rape-scene, luckily Mariko is passed out both during the rape and the quickened birth. The ultimate being is born, a voluptuous woman grows forth and her shape goes beyond perfection with so much power inside of her that the hospital starts to break apart. Eve 1 without her host is decaying but filled with so much pride as she witnesses her millions of years old plan finally taking place. However, she didn't count into effect the male genes in Toshiaki's sperm, she was so focused on making the perfect female since the dominant mitochondria always comes from the female, the genes in Mariko's kidney repelled Eve 1's genes and a mutational fight begun inside the newborn forcing it to mutate between male and female, tearing it apart from the inside, killing itself. All of this happens in front of a mere seconds to live Eve 1.

Let's not forget the epilogue! It's short and such a tease! Six years has passed since the event and Asakura has just taken her university degree, she truly loved Toshiaki and takes one last glance around the lab and as she is about to leave a colleague of her tells her he found some frozen cells Toshiaki has been working on called 'Eve 2' and 'Eve 3', As Asakura is stunned a part of her understands Eve 1, she was a possible evolution for mankind, "-Should I?"---Then she destroys them. The End. I know, I know, it's not a tease at all. They should have teased us though, just stopped at her wondering what she should do, leave it open.

Overall it was a good read, very different from the game on Playstation. There are parts that connect, like the goo in the sewers and the T-Rex. What? That wasn't in the book? True, but you know what was in the book? The mentioning of Eve 1 making dinosaurs and how sad she was at their destruction, so of course we're going to have a living T-Rex skeleton in the game, hell I loved that part!

onsdag 22 juni 2016

Happy birthday QUAKE

I was extremely shy as a kid, but when I was ten years old I overheard my parents talking with the neighbors across the street about--well Quake. Neither of my parents had any interest in gaming so the subject got dropped pretty fast. When they left I immediately went downstairs to talk with my parents about borrowing Quake from the neighbors. I remember thinking how I wanted to ask dad to come with me across the street, but then perhaps our neighbors would feel forced to tell him about the gore and horror aspects...

Anyway, I went over by myself, had no idea at all what to say but I guess some polite instincts took over and they let me borrow the entire big box. Looking at the pictures on the box was magic~<3 Installed the game, played it, it was so awesome and I was so bad at it, haha!

A friend of mine must have called me, because I took my bike over to him holding the CD between my fingers! I BIKED TO HIM WITH THE DISC ON MY FINGERS! There his father got all excited and made a copy of the game for me and himself. This was the time when making copies took a looong time.

So there you go!

Shamblers has got to be one of the scariest things ever. A recent memory of mine was when me, my niece and nephew played BitQUIZ and my niece asked me a Nightmare-question (hardest difficulty); "-What is the name of the last boss in Quake.", "-Shüb-Niggurath." I answered immediately as if it was the most common name in the world, in which my niece dropped her jaw like in a cartoon~<3 The only reason I know the name is because it's one of Lovecraft's made up cosmic Gods~<333

tisdag 9 februari 2016

Death is a pretty cool guy!

Thought I'd update the blog with this tiny work I did last year, working on some ALIENS-related stuff atm.
Oh, and expect some tattoo's once my latest one is properly healed =)

fredag 3 april 2015

Since PixelGasm is down and gone forever...

...I've decided to fill this post with pretty much everything I've beaded, with the exception of my previous posts of beads: