fredag 15 augusti 2014

A late hour Dark Souls II-moment

Labyrinth of darkness... Sharp green glistening eyes... Poison everywhere...

"-Over there! Finally! A Bonfire!"

All I wanna do is shut down the game, my body has tried to tell me that for just over three hours, I activate the Bonfire, no healing items left at all...

There can only be one outcome now and I welcome it.

I keep my distance from all the green eyes, evading the poison they're spitting at me. There! Between the oily puddles!

"-Hah! Puddles! Zick-zack gimmick! FROM Software, please~!"

As I run between them, enormous black Las Plagas leap out from the deeps! Shrieking as they begin to chase after me!

"-Shit! Keep running!" is all my mind has time to manage, as a huge meaty worm quickly crawls out of a cave in the wall to my left, so quickly that all I can do is run straight into it.

"-KLYYYÄEEEH~!!!" it screams.


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