onsdag 22 juni 2016

Happy birthday QUAKE

I was extremely shy as a kid, but when I was ten years old I overheard my parents talking with the neighbors across the street about--well Quake. Neither of my parents had any interest in gaming so the subject got dropped pretty fast. When they left I immediately went downstairs to talk with my parents about borrowing Quake from the neighbors. I remember thinking how I wanted to ask dad to come with me across the street, but then perhaps our neighbors would feel forced to tell him about the gore and horror aspects...

Anyway, I went over by myself, had no idea at all what to say but I guess some polite instincts took over and they let me borrow the entire big box. Looking at the pictures on the box was magic~<3 Installed the game, played it, it was so awesome and I was so bad at it, haha!

A friend of mine must have called me, because I took my bike over to him holding the CD between my fingers! I BIKED TO HIM WITH THE DISC ON MY FINGERS! There his father got all excited and made a copy of the game for me and himself. This was the time when making copies took a looong time.

So there you go!

Shamblers has got to be one of the scariest things ever. A recent memory of mine was when me, my niece and nephew played BitQUIZ and my niece asked me a Nightmare-question (hardest difficulty); "-What is the name of the last boss in Quake.", "-Shüb-Niggurath." I answered immediately as if it was the most common name in the world, in which my niece dropped her jaw like in a cartoon~<3 The only reason I know the name is because it's one of Lovecraft's made up cosmic Gods~<333

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